“En premier lieu, un traducteur est un homme qui n’a aucun droit; il n’a que des devoirs. Il doit témoigner à son auteur une fidélité de caniche, mais un caniche étrange, qui se conduirait comme un singe. C’est Mauriac, si je ne m’abuse, qui a écrit: “Le romancier est le singe de Dieu.” Eh bien, le traducteur est le singe du romancier. Il doit faire les mêmes grimaces, que ça lui plaise ou non.”
(Maurice E. Coindreau)

SILVERAGELAB aims to become an open door to the circulation of projects, resources and, results regarding the diffusion of Spanish Silver Age literature around the world, but not just our own. Therefore, it means to be, above all, a forum for the scientific dialogue among researchers with our same interests. This is, we expect this digital platform to be a meeting point, a channel for communication and discussion, an open-access tool, but also a space where we hope to incorporate new researchers and lines of work in the future.

In the technical aspect, we are committed to three basic principles:

  1. Ensuring the strength, scalability, sustainability, and maintenance of our digital solutions by the use of free and widely accepted technologies.
  2. Safeguarding the adaptability of our tools with the perspective of future collaborations with other projects, teams, and platforms.
  3. Projecting the incorporation of advanced functionalities of data mining destined to the detection of hidden information patterns in the gathered data.

In this sense, SILVERAGELAB is willing to build a network of interests, subjects, and collaborations with other groups and individuals working in our same area. Consequently, we will be happy to publish information about new editions, articles, projects, seminars, congresses regarding this area of study.

For further information, please navigate our web and blog, and feel free to contact us.