Spanish Silver Age Literature across Borders

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A website devoted to study the networks involved in the diffusion of Spanish literature around the world from 1900 to 1940.


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SilverAgeLab: Translations Database

Spanish literary productions translated into English, French, Italian and Portuguese (1914-1940)

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SilverAgeLab IberCorpus (1920-1940)

Media materials for the study of the Iberian cultural intersystem from historiographical margins.


…there is a kind of communication which telegraph can do nothing and the radio only a little to supply. The quintessential feeling and thought of a people are enshrined in its literature, art and religion; and there is no mechanical device that can overcome the obstacles […] which lie between the ordinary citizen and the literature and culture of a foreign people.
(The European Quarterly, May 1934, 1.1: 2)


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Memoria(s) de mujer en la era digital

La Vicerreitoría de Igualdade, Cultura e Deporte de la Universidade da Coruña organizó el pasado mes de julio de 2023, en colaboración con los grupos de investigación Hispania e ILLA, un curso de verano, bajo el título de Atando Redes: Muller, memoria e arquivos na era dixital. El evento, de tres días de duración y […]